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The Nook: Modern Interior Style

The Nook: Modern Interior Style

Before we started looking at homes, I wanted to have an idea of the end goal I would want in my home. I set to Pinterest and narrowed it down to 4 main interior styles that I felt would work well together in the area we live.

Since we're in Idaho I wanted to include a very subtle farmhouse vibe throughout, but I did not want it to be everywhere. And I also knew I wanted it to be bright, and clean looking. Very modern, but yet, comfortable. Natural tones with little pops of color, andI wanted to be able to cut costs of redecorating, and diy aloft of my new pieces.The four styles that seemed to include all of these were:
Mid Century Mod
Industrial Farm House

With these four styles I can accomplish everything I've been wanting in my home, and because they are all part of modern design, they will flow well together.

Scandinavian design has been growing on me for a while. I love the light bright colors, and the clean straight lines. To me it is like a freshly folded paper, if that makes sense. Crisp, not a lot of wrinkles making it look sloppy. I see this being most prevalent in our kitchen/dining area of our home, but we will tie it into our bathrooms as well.

Mid Century Mod is just so fun. I don't love how colorful some of it can be, but I do love the furniture pieces! This is what I will be basing most of my diy/upcycles on for our new home!

Industrial Farmhouse interiors are great to bring in the Farm House vibe I want throughout without being to country. The main things I'll be taking from this are the sliding barn doors, and things made from pipe like curtain rods and towel racks, money one or two shelves. 

And minimalist is just how it sounds. It's minimal. I love the lack of clutter, and that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. That phrase gives me all the feels.

These four styles will be pulled together to create my perfect modern home, but I will also be adding some small touches of Boho, Southwest, and some other styles throughout.

Having my interior vision in mind really helped me to know what I wanted to go for when picking and choosing the basics of our home. You'll have to check in on our next post to see that process!

Until next time,
Be kind, and be you.

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