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The Nook: Interior Inspiration Room by Room

The Nook: Interior Inspiration Room by Room

We are one month away from closing and moving in, and the wait is killer, mostly because we currently live with my parents and with the most love, Mom and Dad, we love your home, but its just not ours, haha. Don't get me wrong, the log cabin basement is great for some people, it's just cramping my style a small bit. 

As I have been slowly purchasing furniture and decor, I have been narrowing down my Pinterest boards to really resemble the home I am hoping to create, so because I can only look at them so many times in a day, why not share my inspiration with you all until I can really show you this dreamof mine in July. 

Let's start with the entry way, since that's the first part you'd see if you were really walking in! 

To see how I transformed an old headboard into this amazing Mid Century Mod bench, click here. 

I'd like to finish this off with a large round mirror and some plants, so similar to this. 

Moving into our living space, we have a dark brown sectional, but this will be the main feel. 

Our kitchen will be white, with copper accents and a concrete table I'll be posting my diy for soon. With black accent lighting this photo gives a good sense of what I'm envisioning, though much smaller.

We will have a small office space, where garrett and I will work from home. Two black desks, but this will be the overall feel. 

And then there will be Kohlman's Room, which we currently have set up here at my parents as my only interior creative outlet. Here is a photo of us playing a few weeks ago. We change it up a lot, mostly because I need some way to get my creativity out. 

Our bathrooms are simple, cool charcoal floors and counters, white everything else. I don't have a photo, but our main guest bath/ kohlmans bathroom will have a white and black grid curtain, and our master has a white curtain with the words "Get Naked" printed on it. 

Our master may be my favorite part, the very first accent pieces I bought for the house were some hanging pendent bulb lights in rose gold. They will hang on either side of our bed, and the room will be blush and grey tones. 

And that is pretty much the gist of it! All my inspo in one little post! Follow my Pinterest to see in more detail how I'm hoping our home will look!

Until next time, be kind, and be you.


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