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The Nook: Buy or Build?

The Nook: Buy or Build?

We recently began the journey of creating the house of our dreams (with in budget). We currently live with my parents because of a long story that I will insert here (if you don't care, scroll down to the next paragraph):


We sold our first home in the fall of 2016, with the goal of moving out to the property I grew up on. My parents own 12 acres of country bliss, and our goal ever since we married has been to join them and split the land. We had a plan to take over their home in the back of the property, and they would build a small casita up front, but after we sold and moved in, things just weren't going as smoothly as we'd hoped, splitting the land was more difficult than we thought, building the house my parents wanted wasn't going to be affordable with the way the market is right now, and a few other things were causing us to rethink our plan. We decided to put the dream on hold for a few more years, and this began our house hunt.

Stop scrolling here!

In the next post in this series of the blog, I'll explain the interior style and design I will be basing our home off of, but for now I'll just give a brief over view, it will be a mix of 4 styles.

* Scandinavian
* Mid Century Mod
* Industrial Farm House
* Minimalistic

I felt it was important to know what interior style I wanted in the house before we started looking, so I figured that out, okay-ed it all with Garrett, and then we created a list of things we wanted in our next home. So with my style preferences, and my husband and I's list of wants in our home, we had a starting point.

Here is the list of "Wants" we had made together:

* Open floor plan/great room
* Master + Other rooms close together (I'm lazy and I hate walking across the house in the middle of the night when kohlman wakes up)
* All rooms on main floor
* 3 rooms
* 2 baths
* White kitchen
* Wood/laminate flooring through out
* Unfinished basement for growing into
* Big lot
* Fenced yard
* Finished landscaping
* 3 car garage or shop
* Country setting
* Good neighborhood

With this list, we were open to a few options. Buying an older home and flipping/ buying a newer move in ready home, and building. We are young, and not wealthy by any means, so we had a low budget.

I don't mind being somewhat personal and sharing that with you, so I will, but if my husband reads this and changes his mind, this part will disappear ;). We live in Idaho, so I believe living expense is on the lower end here. I don't work (well besides Katahdin Nooks but it doesn't go toward our living expenses because of the adoption dream). My husband does, but he isn't in a field that typically brings home millions, so we're pretty average with out bring home income. Picture a basic young family. Our top price was 195k. And I'm just going to say, that pretty much where we're at. Shocker. But I think that's pretty common.

With our budget in mind we started looking into both options. I am VERY picky when it comes to my home. So the thought of buying an old home and flipping it has always been hard on me. I just am not the type who enjoys some of the issues that come with older homes, and I believe I've stated this before, but I am impatient, and flipping a home takes time. We looked at a few, but in our price range (looking way lower, then using extra budget to flip the house) it was just not happening for me. The work, the areas most the homes were located, and the small part of me that believes in ghosts and is terrified of old homes because of that, all couldn't handle it.

So then we started looking at some already built homes that we're on the higher end of our budget. This was easier for me, but the fact was, they were nice, but none of them fit with the interior design I was going for, most had dark cabinets, carpet through out, and to get them where I wanted to be would put us in a bad spot financially. So we had one more option...

Building. Of course this was going to put us at the top of our budget thanks to the lovely housing market as of late, but after many long talks, we agreed that it would be worth it. One huge reason is that I am a mega home body. I struggle from crippling anxiety, (I know it seams like everyone and their brother says this any more, and I do feel it is widely misunderstood, but trust me on this, you will get a whole post on this another time). This causes me to struggle greatly with leaving the home for various reasons, and if I do, almost always my husband is with me. So the amount we were willing to spend on our home each month was greater than the average. We don't spend a lot on activities, we have a nice savings cushion from selling our last home, and we both run side businesses that we can dive into if we need it. This last option gave us the full ability to choose layouts, colors, and styles, and and create the home we both want. And Thus came our decision to build.

Coming next is our lot and floor plan, which we are in love with!

Until next time,
Be kind, and be you.

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