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The Style: Dwell + Slumber

The Style: Dwell + Slumber

So I have been searching for the perfect “I didn't get ready today but I still look fab” outfit. And what better than one piece that you literally just throw on?!

I came across Dwell + Slumber from one of my husbands cousins who had just had a baby, and immediately fell in love. I ordered two, one was a pre order that won't ship till June, but that's okay with me, after trying on the one I had and wearing it for going on 4 days (showers and new under garments in between, of course). I can definitely say it will be worth the wait!

I've been feeling the whole new “house dress” trend coming on while sitting back in the shadows trying to decide if I could pull it off. And I can now say that I am hooked.

What I love about Dwell + Slumber’s style is that they are fashionably baggy. If that makes any sense. I love that I can feel fat and still throw it on and look beautiful! Because of their design, the styling options are endless. I have only worn it raw, as in, threw it on and called it good, but I look forward to styling it with a belt, or tying it up in a knot to shorten it. Honestly though, I love it's natural baggy feel just as is!

For this impromptu photo shoot, I paired it with a good old floppy hat, and some booties, you really don't need much, as their dresses speak for themselves saying, “I am one comfortable and oh so hot mama!”

If you're searching for the perfect house dress, make sure you check them out! I've seen these used as hospital gowns, pajamas, church dresses, honestly they can be worn for any outing/inning, it's really a win/win however you choose to style it!

Until next time, be kind, and be you. 


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