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Hi, I'm Courtney, that girl behind A Child's Nook. I'm a Mama, Maker, and Interior Designer by heart. My husband, Garrett, and my son Kohlman, are my drive for everything I do, and they will be mentioned often here, so here are some photos of our family for reference. Unfortunately I don't have any of all of us together, so just imagine it.

A Child's Nook started in spring of 2016 as a Small Children's Teepee shop, but has began making its dive into a children's decor and furniture shop, that includes pieces that can be featured through out your home. Our products are hand made in Idaho, with modern interior style in mind.

Originally, this all started as a way for us to save for our family adoption. We have always dreamed to adopt, but things are going much slower than anticipated, and we rely heavily on our relationship with our Heavenly Father, and trust that he will lead us to that step for our family in his own time. It will be a good few years before we can work with an agency, because unfortunately we don't have $30k sitting around, and my husband and I agreed that we do not want any debts in this process.

Long story short, it's still a goal, but we are taking our time, and completely open to a private adoption as well, that would hopefully cut the cost of working through an agency by a good amount. And we are just praying and listening to our promptings and letting the Lord guide.

The Nook is a little blog where I plan to write about anything and everything that goes along with the shop, my life, and everything in between.

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Be kind, and Be You.

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