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DIY: Mid Century Mod Bench

DIY: Mid Century Mod Bench

This has by far been one of my most favorite upcycles ever. And luckily for you, it's the first one I'm sharing. I mentioned before that I have been hoping to add a lot of Mid Century Mod furniture pieces throughout my home, and that I wanted to do a lot of them myself. This is my first beauty, that I am so excited about. I mean, would you believe me if I said I made a bench out of an old headboard?! Well I did, and here is how!

It all begins with Facebook Marketplace. I LOVE this new feature. Well, “new” if you are like me, and have had it for a while but never knew what it was. Well I'll tell oh what it is…. AMAZING. It is like the ultimate online thrift store! All you do is push the marketplace button on your Facebook home screen, and start scrolling. It uses your location, and shows you what others near you are selling, and you can find some great deals! It's a lazy mom's “Good Will” and I love it. The hardest part of the whole process is talking your husband into helping you pick up the items which is very important because 1. SAFETY FIRST, and 2. STRENGTH! Please be careful when meeting with people you don't know, try to have someone with you, or meet in a very active public place.)

So once I had picked up my headboard with my mister, we brought it home and after many “why are we buying this crappy headboard?” Questions I started to show G (Garrett is G, way easier to type so from now on just know this) what I had in mind.

I have a little thing that I like to call“the vision” which is something I have learned does not come naturally to everyone. It comes naturally to me, so I figured everyone could totally see what I could see when looking at an old piece of furniture. I had a rude awakening when I showed my husband my vision and he laughed at me and looked at me like I was crazy.

With that, we headed off to the hardware store to pick up what we needed. I forgot to grab individual pictures, but everything it pretty self explanatory, at least to me. What I needed for this project included:

Belt sander Sandpaper: 100 grit
Paint: I just got a basic already mixed valspar white.
A small sponge paint roller: helps prevent brush strokes and texture.
A stain sponge
Stain: in what ever color you prefer, I chose red mohagany

Hardware pulls: to replace the old ones on the sliding doors.
Furniture legs
Hardware to attach the legs
And lastly
Gold spray paint: not necessary, I just used it to paint my hardware because they didn't have the type I wanted in gold.

Things I needed but already had were:

Belt Sander
Hand saw
Jig saw

Once we grabbed what we needed, and I suffered through all my husbands jokes of “spending just as much making this as it would have been to just buy it,” we got home and started!

I instructed my handy man on what to do, first things first, get rid of the bottom. So off it went.

Then it was time to sand. And that took forever, I started with a finishing sander, then moved to a belt sander and it worked much better.

Once we had it all sanded, I wiped it down with a damp cloth, and let it dry while I attached the legs to the bottom. (Are you seeing it yet?)

Then I started painting. I did 3 coats of white. It felt like it took forever. In between the coats I stained the doors and the legs and spray painted the hardware.

Once all the coats dried, I finished everything off with a couple layers of polyurethane coating and called it good. 

Finally, I got to reassemble the finished product! I am absolutely in love! I plan to use this as an entryway bench, and store shoes in the side doors! I hate clutter, so the idea of a place to hide shoes was so fun! It can also be moved around the house for different things as well, I may try it out at the end of the bed too!

I can't wait to see it in the new place! I made a matching media stand at the same time, but you'll have to stick around for that one coming later!

Until next time,
Be kind, and be you.

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