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Adoption: Dear Birth Mother

Adoption: Dear Birth Mother

Dear Birth Mother,

We are the Slights. I am Courtney, the Mama of this fun little unit! Garrett, my husband is sitting right next to me, and together we have our first and only little one, Kohlman. We’d love to tell you a little about us, and then let the many photos fill in the gaps.

Summer 2015


Garrett and I met at college in Rexburg, Idaho, in the spring of 2012. I had just started my first semester, and Garrett was about a year away from his bachelors. We have been married 5 amazing years, and had our sweet Kohlman 2 years ago in May. We live in Idaho, close to my parents and don’t plan on moving as this is where most of my family is!

My brother, and his wife have 6 kids! This is the most updated photo I have of them though, we spend a lot of time together as they live about 2 miles away! 

And my sister lives a state away, her and her husband have no children, due to endometriosis, but they have a very special pup, who is definitely part of the family! 

Garrett’s Family lives in Washington State, about a 10 hour drive away, and we go down as often as we can to see Grandma and Grandpa Slight, and Garrett’s sister and her family.


We are LDS, and we believe that families are forever, and we are so incredibly happy to know that.

Garrett is a videographer for a summer sales company based in Arizona, but he is fortunate enough to work from home, with occasional travels. I love this, because we get a lot of quality family time! 

Garrett loves his job, he is able to see some really cool places, and he works with amazing people. He enjoys staying active, eating healthy, being outside, and creating videos. He and his sister are extremely close, and I have always loved how his family has such a strong

I stay at home to raise our son, and I run our business, A Child’s Nook, with the help of my sweet husband, with the hopes of using our profits to fund an adoption.

 I am a homebody, I love to stay at home and be comfy, I am very creative, and I love designing anything from clothing, to home interiors. My favorite things to do usually involve pizza and pajamas, and I'm a sucker for family movie nights! 

kohlman is a little mix of both of us, but really he is his own person, very excited about life, always laughing, and learning how to be very independent. He is all BOY and I have loved watching him develop and grow in to the sweet little boy that’s he is! 

We love to spend time together as a family, and with family. We live in Idaho Falls, Idaho. We loved the area, it is such a great place to raise a family. Just a short 15 minute drive from the home I grew up in and where my parents live!


We have both felt strong impressions that we needed to grow our family through adoption. After many very emotional and heartfelt talks, lots of pondering, and prayer,  we started our journey. I wish I could fully explain exactly what our reasoning is. We aren’t unable to have children, we just feel this is how we are supposed to complete our family. And though we don't have a heartbreaking story, we hope you know that we are searching for our missing piece, because we know this is right. When we find the sweet spirit meant to join our family, we will make sure they know they were searched hard for, and we didn't give up. The feeling is so overwhelming and warm, it is right. We are just patiently waiting for this new dream of ours to become a reality. We believe that there is a very special and unique spirit out there, waiting for us, as much as we are waiting for them, and we are okay with waiting, and letting the Lord guide.

We want You to know, that we love and support you. We may not know you, but we don’t need too to know that you are amazing, and what you are doing is extremely hard. We know there are chances of you feeling that we are right for your child, and there are chances that you may feel that we aren’t a good fit, and either one is okay. We believe that you are this child’s voice, and you need to make the decision based on your very personal feelings. You are still their mother, and for that you are loved and appreciated.

We are so grateful that you are even considering our family to care for and love your little one. We hope you feel the love we have for each other through the photos below.

Enough babbling, here are some photos to show you a little about us! 

One of our first dates, Hiking Mesa Falls.

ENGAGED!! July 2012


Married! 10/13/12

That day will never be forgotten!!

There is nothing better the Garrett's mom's chocolate chip cookies! We make them all the time!  

Snowboarding at Kelly Canyon, one of our favorite winter activities


Playing with the nieces at Grandma and Grandpas house!


Christmas in Washington with Grandma and Grandpa Slight. Uncle Brandt, Lincoln, Aunt Crystal, Grandpa and Grandma, Garrett and I.


Because what is Christmas with out a little family fun!? (And photo shop) haha 

Niece and Nephew sleep over at Uncle Garrett and Aunt Courtney's in our early years of marriage! 

Summer baseball game nights with the fam! 

Garrett Graduates!!! July 2013 

Our very first HOME! We bought this house just before having Kohlman! 


May 1, 2015. Kohlman Garrett Slight is here.

One proud dad! 



Garrett and I, My Mom and Dad, My great maternal Grandma, My maternal grandma, and kohlman. 5 generation photo.

Little Kohlman G and Grandma.

This is Eli, i was able to donate my breast milk to him! He is currently battling SMA and he was 2 when this picture was taken. I was his milk mama, and I am so proud of the fight he has in him! He is already defying odds!

Kohlman and Dad matching for a summer barbeque! Kohlman was less than enthused haha!


Family 5k! My mom and her friends, Me and my niece, Emily.

Christmas cookies with grandma! 

And stories with grandpa. 

We love grandma and grandpas winter wonder land!! 

Christmas morning with cousins! 

Going on a family adventure! 


Kohlman started climbing out of his crib early, so dad set off to make him a fun bed! Little did we know it would soon become a best seller in our business and help us raise money to adopt!

Tubing on the river at our annual family reunion! Our cousin Jake, in the back was adopted too! He's the best and LOVES KIDS!! 

Family Fire cooking! we love spending summer nights out at My parents property!

Kohlman and Garrett Playing before bedtime, these summer nights are hard because it is so light outside!

These two are so playful, I love watching him be a dad!

I love making Kohlman's room a fun place to play and imagine!

Kohlman's Second Birthday was May 1, 2017, and we had lots of family and friends with us to celebrate!

Aunt Niki!! My mom's sister! We all love her! She is battling some MS right now, and Kohlman LOVES her walker!

Family Hike! Kohlman out hiked us all!

Our local LDS Temple was just remolded, and we got to tour it as a family! Another 5 generation photo, all of us were married in this temple to our spouses! Its a special place!

One of my most favorite family pictures! Its our most recent, and it is so special to me!

HOME. This is my parents property, where I grew up, and where so many family memories have and will be made!

Family Horse Ride, one of my favorite activities!

Me and my boy chilling on a Sunday afternoon! Isn't it funny how the mom is always the one taking the picture, so she's never in it, and when she finally is, she looks like, well, crap...

My mom has a annual Grandma Camp each year with all the grand kids! They love it!

Licking the beaters, who doesn't love doing that?!

Late night snuggles with grandpa!

A little photo shoot for our little business, helping us raise money to adopt!

I have worked hard to make our family dream a reality!

Having some fun with the boy!

Making Nooks for Little Ones, so we can brings a Little One to our Nook. What is making this all possible for us! 

If you have any questions, please give Me (Courtney) a call (208-589-6712), We would love to chat with you! Or email me at

We would love to answer any questions you have!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this and get to know our family a little bit better!


With so much Love, 

Courtney and Garrett Slight 

Until next time, be kind, and be you.





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